Temple COVID Guidelines

Safety guidelines for temple access during the COVID-19 pandemic

V 1.1 published on July 15, 2020

Dear Devotees,

The temple is open during regular hours starting on Saturday, April 12, 2021.  In consultation with local health and infectious disease experts, we are implementing these guidelines for reopening the temple in a manner that is safe for the devotees and the priests.  We appreciate in advance your time for reviewing this document and following these guidelines laid out by our COVID-19 response team while visiting the temple.

  1. To ensure a safe environment for everybody, we will be limiting visitors to 6 families per day.  Please pre-register at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904044BAEA72CA7F94-smht to ensure that we can maintain social distancing requirements easily.  Each slot shall include a maximum of 5 members of a family.
  2. If you have a fever, cold or any other COVID-19 symptoms, or have traveled to high risk areas recently, please stay at home.
  3. All visitors to the temple will need to be wearing a mask when they are inside the temple.  If you do not have a mask, there will be a limited number of reusable masks available for sale ($3 / mask) at the reception desk.
  4. Before entering the temple, please register at the front desk to permit future contact tracing. 
    1. The volunteer at the desk will also check your temperature using a non-contact thermometer.  If your temperature >99.4, or you have a cough, cold or sneezing, you will not be allowed inside the temple building.
    1. Please use provided disinfectant to clean your hands.
    1. You will be asked to provide a phone number and email address for contact tracing, if needed.
  5. Please enter the temple through the main door.
  6. The area around each deity has been marked off to allow the priests to perform Pooja while maintaining a safe distance from the devotees.  Please do not enter the marked off area.
  7. The floor has been marked with + signs in front of each deity to provide devotees with a location to pray.  There are additional spots marked for waiting if somebody is praying at a station.
  8. Please ensure that your group stays together at one location.  If there is somebody else at one location, please stay with your

group in one of the other spots.

  • Arrows are marked on the floor to allow the devotees to move around the temple in a flow that minimizes contact with other groups.
  • Please follow the pre-designated path for darshan of all deities as shown below.
  1. Please exit the temple by following the block arrows through the door on the parking lot side of the temple.
  2. Please do not sit inside the temple.
  3. Please do not bring flowers, fruits or prasad.  Instead, please consider a monetary contribution to the temple that will go towards operating expenses during this financially lean period.
  4. Parikrama / Pradakshina can be performed along the path outside the temple.  Please maintain social distancing protocols during parikrama / pradakshina.
  5. A maximum of 10 people or 2 groups will be allowed at a time inside the temple building to permit social distancing.  We appreciate your patience and support by waiting in your car or outside the temple while the other devotees exit the building.
  6. If you have any conditions that classify you as a high-risk category (age, pre-existing conditions), we strongly urge you to stay at home.

Please remember that you are entering the premises voluntarily, and are aware of the risks of infection.  Please contact us at info@matahindutemple.org if you have any questions or concerns.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, priests and volunteers, we thank you very much for your cooperation in following these guidelines to provide a safe environment for everybody.