Board of Directors

Saritha Sagar
Manish Kumar
(Vice President)

Swami Rajendran
Swami Rajendran is an Accountant by profession. He graduated from the University of Delhi and has worked in various positions like Accounts Executive, Accounting Manager at New Delhi. Then he moved to Abu Dhabi to work for Lucent Technologies in the year 1995 and permanently moved to USA in the year 2000.
From the age of 5 he had a special taste for the rituals, religion and spirituality. he has learned slokas and basic vedic chants etc from a learned Pundit at New Delhi. At the age of 10 he started doing puja to Devi during Vasantha Navaratri and Devi Navaratri for all nine days. He stated volunteering at various temples at New Delhi. he was also volunteering at various big events like Maha yagnas, Ati Rudrams and Durga Shata Chandi homam. Then he became committee members in some temples and took a leadership role. He was one of the core member when Sri Raja Rajeswari temple was built at Janakpuri New Delhi from the Ground. During that time, he was initiated with Sri Bala Mantra.
After moving to United States in the year 2000, he involved himself with Sathya Sai Organization. He was one of the founder member of Bridgewater Sai Center and was appointed as Service Coordinator. During his tenure he has lead the team of volunteers in cooking for the devotees during Sai Reatreat where 800-1000 people attend every year.
After moving to NC in 2005, he was involved in Greensboro Sai Center and he was appointed in various positions like Service Coordinator and Vice President etc.
During his time, he has organized many devotional activities within the Center like Shivaratri Bhajans, Akhanda Bhajans etc.
From 2008, his vision was to build a traditional Temple from the ground. In the year 2009, HSNC installed dieties at Mcleansville NC. Upon request from HSNC board, he volunteered to conduct pujas, festivals, events and united the community by giving more and more religious and spiritual activiies. From 2011-2013 he took the leadership role in Triad Hindu Temple as vice President and President. He has organized big events like Brahmotsavam/Varshikotsavam and Maha Yagnas during his tenure.
For a short period, work-wise he had relocated to Tampa, Florida. There he volunteered to do puja to Lord Ayyappa every Saturday for 6 months.
Finally he returned back to settle in Winston-Salem in May 2014. Upon arrival, he discussed with his close friends and proposed a Temple for Sri Lalita Maha Tripurasundari Devi in Winston Salem and started looking for the suitable land. This proposal was formally announced during October 2014 on a Vijayadashami day. Swami Rajendran Was also the Chairman of our of Temple from 2015-2019. Like minded people came forward to support financially and you all know the rest of the story.
He and his wife, Revathi Rajendran currently living at Lewisville, NC and has one daughter, Aardra Rajendran doing her Residency at Johns Hopkins. Her husband Vinay Mallikaarjun doing his Ed.D at University of Pennsylvania
Abhijit Chattopadhyay
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