About us

Temple Mission:

To build a temple dedicated to the multifarious expressions of the ultimate reality as expounded in Hindu dharma and facilitate worship and provide services following Aagama sastra.

To provide a place of Hindu worship. To preserve and promote Hindu traditions and cultural heritage.To facilitate and offer services to perform various poojas/sevas by the individual or family or community.

Panchayatana Temple:

The deities in the Panchayatana layout are Devi or Mata, Shiva, Vishnu, Aditya and Ganesha One of these
deities is placed in the center of the pattern, and the remaining four deities have specific positions in
relation to the central deity Since Hindu temples are typically East facing, the four corner shrines are
located in the South West, North West, North East and South East directions relative to the central deity
When performing Panchayatana worship, the selection of the deity in the center is left to the devotee
based on their personal preference, and does not denote any deliberate or systematic elevation of one
deity over the others The decision of the central deity defines the placement of the four other deities in
relation to the center

The Mata Hindu Temple of Winston Salem has Sri Mata in the center (with Sri Saraswati to her right and Sri Lakshmi to her left), Ganesha to the South West, Aditya to the North West, Balaji to the North East, and Shiva to the South East