Monthly Contributions

Our Monthly Contributions Target:

Please read instructions for Monthly Contributions Signup before the signup:

  • Select the contribution amount or enter the custom amount. This is the monthly amount you will be contributing to the temple.
  • Fill in the your details.
  • Select day(s) of the month (For example: 2nd Wednesday of the month).
    • For $31/- monthly contribution: One Archana on selected day of the month.
    • For $51/- monthly contribution: One Abhishekam on selected day of the month.
    • For $101/ and above monthly contribution: Abhishekam on 2 selected days of the month.
  • “Support the 100% free platform we use!” => this is the donation that goes to Zeffy. You can select option you like or select other and choose to enter any amount or NO amount. Total amount will show your total monthly contribution.
    • Click on Direct Debit (ACH payment) and follow the instructions.
    • Click on Credit Card and follow the instructions.
  • Check your emails and make sure you received thank you email from the Temple.