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Prana Pratishtapana Mahotsav

Donation List

Item                                                  Amount


Mata Shrine

Gopuram / Shikhar                               $ 25,111

Kalash                                                       $15,111

Yantra                                                         $5,111

Lakshmi, Saraswati, Shiva, Balaji, Ganesha, and Aditya Shrines

Mandap (6x)                                           $15,111

Stubhi (6x)                                                 $5,111

Yantra (6x)                                                 $5,111


Abhisheka Kalash

Pradhan Kalash (15x)                              $2,511

Abhishek Kalash (108x)                          $1,111

Vaidik Kalash (54x)                                      $511


Other Items

Moola Vigraha Mangalsutra (3x)             $751

Prabhavali (7x)                                             $511

Utsava Vigraha Mangalsutra (7x)            $411

Poornakumba Deepam(1x)                       $251

Balaji-Shatahari (1x)                                    $251

Naga-Abharana(2x)                                     $251

Moola Vigraha Yagnopavitha(3x)            $251

Lamps (7x)                                                     $251

Puja Utensils Set (7x)                                  $251

Bells (7x)                                                        $251

Utsava Vigraha Yagnopavitha(7x)           $151

Navagraha Yagnopavitha(9x)                   $151

Moola Vigraha Vastras(21x)                     $151

Utsava Vigraha Vastras (35x)                   $111



3 days sponsor                                             $311

1 day sponsor   $111


Dear Patron,

Aum Sri Matre Namaha.  Thank you in advance for all your help and service during this grand mahotsav, We truly appreciate all community members like you and your efforts towards our temple.  

Prana Pratishtapana is a rare opportunity to participate in the ceremony of instilling the Divine Spirit into a Vigraha that gets transformed into a Deity. This is an event that occurs only once for each Vigraha.  The vigrahas are ready to be shipped and we are gearing up for the Grand Pratishtapana Mahotsav.  Yantra japas and Yantra pujas are currently being performed at the temple and devotees’ homes.

Being a part of this event will be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for many of us. The ability to participate in the event firsthand and witness it up close is an experience that will stay with your family for a lifetime.  Having a temple in a small town like ours enables a very personal experience throughout the Prana Prathisthapana and will rejuvenate our body and soul.  This is an opportunity for the whole family to get engaged with our temple and contribute in all ways.


Maybe you have a God or Goddess, whose Mandap, Stubhi or Yantra you would like to sponsor, or maybe you would like to sponsor a Kalash or Annadaan. You can sponsor lamps, puja utensils, mangalsutra and other items that will be utilized in the temple rituals on a daily basis. There are enough and more choices for all of us. The temple requires all the resources it can get and together, we can truly make lasting contributions to our temple. The temple will have a donation wall that shall have names of all donors who have contributed $1001 and above. 


Prana Prathista ceremony is the only opportunity to be up close with the vigrahas inside the garbhagriha. After this event, only priests are allowed in the garbhagriha.  The Board of Trustees and Board of Directors invite you to utilize this unique opportunity to create a legacy of service for this and future generations by your contribution to our temple. Again we would like to thank you for all your help.


Manjunath Shamanna                                                              Srinivas Akireddy

Chairman (Board of Trustees)                            President (Board of Directors)

How you can participate in the Prana Pratishtapana Mahotsav


Prana Pratishta is a vedic ritual of instilling life force into a vigraha and bringing the omnipresent Almighty into a physical form as a deity.  Some of the key events of the Pratishtapana Mahotsav are:

  • Kalash / Stubhi Sthapana – The kalash or stubhi are installed at the top of the mandap or shikhar during this ritual. Shrine kalash and stubhi sponsors will be invited to participate in the installation.
  • Homams / Havans – Throughout the Mahotsav, multiple homams / havans are conducted for the various deities to prepare the temple to be the abode for the deities. All sponsors will be included in the sankalpa.
  • Vigraha Adhivaasa – Adhivaasa involves immersing the vigrahas in various materials such as Panchagavya (five materials from cow), water, grains, etc. The last adhivaasa is Shayanaadhivaasa, where the vigrahas are laid to rest on a mattress.  Everybody will have an opportunity to make these offerings to each vigraha.
  • Yantra Sthapana – This ritual involves the installation of the energized yantras at the base of each vigraha. The yantra is believed to be the storage for all the prayers offered by the devotees, and the source of the deity’s powers.  Yantra sponsors will have the opportunity to install the yantras in each mandap.
  • Netronmeelanam –In this event, the sthapati opens the eyes of the vigraha, preparing the vigraha to be installed in the shrine.
  • Vigraha Sthapana – This is the installation of the vigraha at the shrine, along with Ashtabandhana or sealing of the joint between the vigraha and the base using a special paste of clay mixed with herbs. Mandap sponsors will be invited to participate in the Ashtabandhana.
  • Prana Pratishta – This ritual is the key event during which the almighty is invoked in the vigraha through the chanting of various vedic mantras including the bija mantras.
  • Kalashabhishekam – The various kalashas are filled with water from various rivers and oceans and set up to invoke the divine powers of the gods throughout the Mahotsav. The water from the kalashas is poured on the deities as the first abhisheka to the deities.  Kalash sponsors will carry the kalashas around the temple and offer them to the deities.

About Sri Mata Hindu Temple

The Sri Mata Hindu Temple is laid out in the Devi Panchayatana style with Sri Mata in the center along with Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswati, with shrines for Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha and Lord Aditya in the four corners.  The Moola Vigrahas (main Murtis) are carved in black stone, and are being procured from artisans in India.


Along with the Moola Vigrahas, we will also have Utsava Vigrahas (procession Murtis) made of Panchaloha for Ganesha, Sundareswarar accompanied by Parvati, Balaji accompanied by Sri Devi and Bhu Devi, Ram Parivar (Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman), Radha-Krishna, Subrahmanya accompanied by Valli and Devasena, and Navagrahas.

Each shrine is structured with a Gopuram or Shikhar on the Mata shrine, and individual mandaps for the other shrines.  A Kalash or Stubhi connects the garbhagriha to the sky, with an energized yantra at the bottom forming the connection to the earth.  Each vigraha will be adorned with an intricately carved brass Prabhavali, and each shrine will have a set of brass lamps and bells.




June 5 @ 8:00 am


June 9 @ 10:00 pm


Mata Hindu Temple
8535 Lasater road
Clemmons, NC 27012




Shri Mata Hindu Temple

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