Balvihar Classes

Dear Devotees

Balavihar Fall Session 2020 is starting from September 13 and it is on every Sunday 9:30 AM – 11:35 AM on Zoom till 20 December, 2020.

Registration is open till 12 September. Please register online at
Suggested Donation: $60

Balavihar provides 

1.       Health concepts through yoga
2.       Morals, values and dharma through stories from scriptures
3.       Slokas for devotion and lifestyle
4.       Indian languages where each syllable, itself, is a mantra
5.       Interaction with children from Hindu community
6.       A sense of belonging to a great culture.Please find the schedule below:

9:30 to 10.00 am – Yoga class
10.00 to 10:30 am- Value class
10:30 to 10.35 am- Break
10:35 to 11.05 am- Sloka Class
11.05 to 11:35 am- Language Class
11.05 am to 12 pm – Bhagavad Geeta Discussion

Homework guidelines:1. Kids need to complete language homework
2. Value class homework needs to be completed as assigned
3. Kids have to spend at least 10 minutes in memorizing the daily slokas

Mata blessings to you
Balavihar Team
Mata Hindu Temple